Welcome to The Pride Cartoon™ Shop. 24-hour Schlep-Free, Guilt-Free Shopping For Crazy Cat People!  No corporate machines are oiled in the production or purchase of any of our products, everything is MADE IN THE USA, and 100% of our proceeds go to feed starving cats (and starving artist).


We now have two shops that we're beamingly proud of! 
The White Cat Co.,
features our "Twelve Cats of Christmas" holiday collection,
our Valentine & Anniversary collection, "Cats In Love",
our heartfelt Pet Sympathy card line, "The Road To Heaven Is Muddy With Paw Prints"
our "DOOMSDAY CATS" collection (cats of the 2012 apocalypse!)
and soooo MUCH more!

..... and of course The Pride Cartoon shop on Zazzle features great gifts from the cartoon!

Don't forget, on Zazzle.com you can have any design on any item in their stock, so if you see a design you like, but it's not shown on the product you want, write us!  We'll make it right now!