December 5, 2015
TPC E-News Closes... Moves to Facebook
We wanted to love it, and the end results were always great, but the Constant Contact email thing was a drain, especially since they bill you by the size of your mailing list.  So, we moved all our fan outreach to Facebook.  The amount of work involved in putting that newsletter together was taking way too much time.. eliminating it gives me all that time back to do the actual cartoons and stories, rather than wasting time on the fluff surrounding it. 
It's not the same as getting a beautifully designed email delivered right to your inbox, I know, and some people just plain hate Facebook, but it reduces the amount of page construction on my part to almost ZERO.  And it's free.  You can't beat free.  So that was the end of that argument.  Please, join us on Facebook?  We hate to lose our friends and fans and really want you there.  Come on, bite the bullet.  Make a fake identity and LIKE The Pride Cartoon.  No one has to know it's you. 

January, 2015
TPC Creator Struck With Mystery Ailment, Anaphylaxic Allergy to Cats!
This will explain everything.

August, 2014
Pride Cartoon Creator Illustrates TNR Education Tool for NYCFCI and HSNY
I was so pumped to get the call from Valerie Sicignano of NYC Feral Cat Initiative asking me to illustrate The Cats On My Block, a children's book she wrote teaching kids about the value of TNR and compassion for  NYC's community cats to benefit NYCFCI and Humane Society of New York.  The book was released in August of 2014 to great reviews.  Check it out on Amazon.

November 2012
The Twelve Cats of Christmas Sweeps CWA Illustrated Series Category!

We are totally jazzed to announce that The Twelve Cats of Christmas the cat lovers' spoof of the famous holiday song Twelve Days of Christmas, designed by Jane Denny, creator of The Pride Cartoon, won the 2012 Cat Writers' Association Muse Medallion in the category of best illustrated series and the Kuykendall Image Award for outstanding image series featuring cats.  Thank you Cat Writers! The Twelve Cats of Christmas is available as a book on, and individual designs from the collection on a variety of holiday gifts and merchandise in our shop, The White Cat Co. on Zazzle.  Designs are available on greeting cards, holiday mugs, Christmas tree ornaments, t-shirts and more.  And we take requests.  If there is a design you like but you don't see it on the product you want, let us know and I will make it.

May, 2012
Plight of Dottie's Ferals Featured on
On April 27, 2012, an abridged version of our story, What Do You Do When You Inherit +/- 18 Cats, appeared as a feature article on  Dottie's Ferals are the colony of semi-feral cats inherited by The Pride Cartoon's creator upon the death of mom, Dottie.  They are the same feral cats featured in our recurring drama The Young and the Feral.  The article brought worldwide attention to the plight of our poor creator (broke,
asthmatic, and struggling to keep afloat a virtual sinking ship of cats) and garnered a massive outpouring of sympathy, suggestions and donations from cat lovers across the world.  The article can be seen here.  The ChipIn for the cats, which raised more than $3K for their upkeep, is here.  Click here to read the unabridged version of "What Do You Do When..."  We are still praying for the miracle of a sanctuary that will relocate the cats, but with the money raised, we have so far spayed one newcomer (Pixie), neutered one unknown male (Adam II), and gotten Adolfo to the vet for treatment of his chronic stomatitis.  Thanks readers.  It's a warmer world with so many kind hearts.

December, 2011
Pride Cartoon Creator Launches Two New Stores on 
The Pride Cartoon shop
( features on-demand printing of scenes from The Pride on greeting cards, gifts and merchandise.  The White Cat Co. ( features cat designs that are unrelated to the cartoon, or the artist's work for hire.  Collections include The Twelve Cats of Christmas holiday line, Cats In Love (a designer Valentine and/or anniversary line), The Road To Heaven...  pet sympathy cards, and much more to come.  Happy Shopping!

January, 2011

Pride Launches Facebook Page with FOOD FIGHT:  My Cat Ate the Weirdest Thing Contest
By popular demand, we're now on Facebook.  To stir the pot a little, so to speak, we thought we'd start a food fight.  An upcoming issue of The Pride Cartoon™ E-news will include a piece called "My Cat Ate The Weirdest Thing".... about, obviously, the weirdest things cats have eaten!   The story will include the results of our My Cat Ate The Weirdest Thing Contest which fans can enter at our new Facebook page.  Entries should be 100 words or less, include your cat's name & type, your name, city, state, and the weirdest thing s/he ever ate.  Send a photo of your cat if you can. The "weirdest thing" can be food items (for instance, Jack's strangest thing is hard, uncooked pasta straight out of the box) and/or inedibles.  There will a prize for the cat who ate the most bizarre thing (prize to be announced - something nice, that doesn't encourage persistence in bad eating habits!) Winner will be announced in a subsequent issue of The Pride Cartoon E-News. So make sure you subscribeGood luck, and may the weirdest cat win! -JD
August, 2010
Pride Creator Illustrates Cat Book Cover
"Hairballs in the Morning 2", is a detailed how-to for managing multi-cat households by Lesley Bistline, complete with cover drawing by yours truly!  Hairballs 2 advises on all details of cat home management covering everything from blinds vs. shades to choosing a vet, cat-safe cleaning products, what to do with cat-unfriendly company and even which vacuum cleaner picks up the most cat hair!  Emotional health, raising orphaned kittens, comforts for the senior cat, and providing for your kitties in your will are also covered.  Lesley Bistline is a former breeder of Maine Coons who left breeding and showing in favor of rescue "as both a life choice and moral commitment."  As she so purrfectly puts it, our cat friends are "not just mindless creatures going through life on your terms."  Hairballs is written to help cat guardians handle all the curve balls life with a cat or cats can bring.  -JD

November 1, 2009
You can now follow Ms. Julie on Twitter!  She's a very deep thinker, and very savvy city cat.  She writes an advice column for both people and cats, and a stream of consciousness blog that is cute, funny and often insightful.  Her Twitter doubles as a diary into which she pours all her complaints about her pesky little brother Jack.  Can't promise her tweets will be frequent, but she'll do her best to keep up. 

Follow Julie on

October 2009
Pride Cartoon Launches E-News
We are super excited to have just launched our very first issue of The Pride Cartoon™ E-news.  The first issue was distributed to 100 cat lovers on October 8, 2009.  It contains The Pride Cartoon™ of the day, the Creator's Blog, and the first installment of "Julie's Friends" a regular section honoring the great people we meet on our walks.  There is also an urgent bulletin about a beautiful 4-week old kitten blinded by infection seeking your help.  (Because we can't have all these spoiled brat cats lying about eating tuna, having their backs rubbed and not do our share for the poor.) - Help us grow our mailing list!
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October 2009
Piranha Sisters on Cover of New York Tails October/Halloween Supplement....
Chosen for their mysterious gaze and their lustrous blackness (I can never resist a quote from This is Spinal Tap:  How black could they be?  Answer: None.  None more black), and the aptness thereof to the season, Patricia and Sandra Piranha, aka The Piranha Sisters, appear on the cover of New York Tails magazine's October supplement.  This is the issue that contains the annual Halloween calendar of pet events for New York, announcing such fun and fab events as the annual CHILLOWEEN celebration (chihuahuas in costume), and the annual Greenwich Village Halloween parade.  The Piranha sisters (so nicknamed for their voracious appetites and demonstrative circling "supper dance" year round) won't be at either event (piranhas at the dinner table, scaredy Halloween cats at heart), but they will be there in spirit.  The real, jet black spirits of Halloween!   -JD

April 2009
Jack Turns One Year Old....
On April 28th, Jack turned one year old!  I can't believe he went from an infant in my striped hat and piddle pads to an 18lb. martial arts black belt in just one year.  It's hard to believe he lived at all!  He's still doing non-stop karate, toilet papering the house, and gnawing on Julie like a ham bone, except now there is serious muscle behind those kicks.  -JD

February 2008
The Pride Cartoon Website Opens to Advertisers and Sponsors-
Need to advertise your cat-related product or service? Want to reach thousands of known, hand-picked cat lovers?  Is your product cat-safe and cruelty-free?  Sponsor a page on!  Your ad will appear on the page of your choice for as long as you specify.  Or take a space in our monthly E-News!  Click here for more info. 

November 2008
OPENING SOON:  Jack Denny's Softest Cat in the World One-Cat Cat Petting Zoo
I thought he was yummy when he was a baby, but all kittens are soft.  Jack's fur is super smooth, sleek and delicious even as he grows into an Auck.  So, with the economy such as it is, and on the premise that these cats really should earn their keep, we're set to open "Jack Denny's Softest Cat in the World One-Cat Cat Petting Zoo".  Pet $1.  Kiss (on the softest cheek in the world, or the softest forehead) $2.

No!  Not really!  You couldn't get near him through the Karate chops.  Even I, his mother, have to battle my way to the delicious cheek through a cyclone of wrestling maneuvers to rival Randy "The Ram" Robinson.  But what a petting zoo it would be if it could be.  With Jack the Carney in his top hat barkering at the tent flap:  "Softer than a seal pup!  More luxurious than a mink stole!  Accept no imitations but step right up, one dollar buys a stroke of the softest pelt in the world in my one of a kind, never before seen, softest cat in the world cat petting zoo! "  Oh, the money we would make!  - JD

April 28, 2008, 3:50PM
Pride Welcomes New Member, Jack
A black and white infant kitten born on Gramma Dottie's back step, and left there one hour old by his feral mother, The Captain.  Click here to read his story.  -JD

April 2008
Crazy Johnny Makes List of Top Ten Famous Cartoon Cats -
Thank you to for including Crazy Johnny in its list of Top 10 Famous Cartoon Cats.  (Actually, Johnny is the 11th, but who's counting when you are in a list with Felix, Garfield, Sylvester, Heathcliff and Krazy Kat!  Anyway, eleven is a good number for Johnny because (as fans of This is Spinal Tap will understand) Johnny goes to eleven.

March 2008
The Pride Cartoon™ Endorses Wacom Intuos3 Stylus Pen and Tablet-
Award-winning cartoonist, Jane Denny, creator of The Pride Cartoon™, is proud to announce her endorsement of the Wacom Intuos3 stylus pen and tablet.  The Intuos3 was used to create two of the three strips that earned The Pride Cartoon™ the Cat Writers Association Muse Medallion for best cat cartoon, as well as all the graphics in the newly redesigned website.  Says Ms. Denny of the Intuos3, "this tablet has completely changed the way I work.  I am ten times more efficient than when I was working with a mouse, and as a result, far more productive.  I use it exclusively now, in place of a mouse, even for non-illustrating tasks!  I honestly don't know how I worked before I had this.  My thanks to Doug Little of Wacom for sending me this wonderful tool."

January 2008
Pride Cats Aid Feral Cats of Puerto Rico
The cats of The Pride Cartoon™, and their graphic stenographer, Jane Denny, recently became aware of the plight of feral cats in Puerto Rico.  They were so moved by these lovely island cats, and the efforts of Save-A-Gato foundation (gato = cat in Spanish) to TNR (trap, neuter, return) and protect them, they wanted to help.  So they took some seriously pretty photos, and made a calendar.  The Cats of Old San Juan 2008 Wall Calendar is the result, and it is the 2008 calendar for cat lovers, sun worshippers, and anyone who appreciates good art!  A portion of every sale goes directly to the aid of The Cats of Old San Juan.  (This limited edition item sold on during 2008.  Overstocked calendars are now available as collector's items - approximately 60 available.  Can be signed by the artist upon request.  Write us to inquire about purchasing).

November 2007
The Pride Cartoon™ Wins Cat Writers' Association Muse Medallion for Best Cat Cartoon-
Crazy cat lovers worldwide congratulate Jane Denny, creator of The Pride™, a true story cat cartoon, and it's star, Crazy Johnny, for landing the 2007 Muse Medallion for BEST CAT CARTOON in the 2007 Purina/Cat Writers Association communications contest.  CWA ( is an organization of professional writers, artists, editors and publishers worldwide whose primary subject is cats. Their annual communications contest honors cat-themed literature, art, humor and cat-related material in all media. The Muse Medallion is the top prize given by CWA for outstanding work in approximately 30 categories.  Winners were announced at the Purina/CWA awards banquet in Foster City, CA on November 17th, 2007.  The pride cats were thrilled to be in such prestigious company as Arden Moore, editor of Catnip, Susan Logan, editor of Cat Fancy, and Dusty Rainbolt, author of numerous popular cat books, all fellow Medallion winners. The Pride™, which currently appears in New York Tails Magazine and here at, also earned the Cat Writers' Association Certificate of Excellence in the Best Online Cat Magazine or Newsletter category. (Hugs to Diane West, editor of New York Tails, who was the first to recognize Johnny's genius and recommend he enter the Cat Writers Awards. Thank you, Diane. XXOO!)

October, 2007
The Pride Cartoon™ wins Cat Writers Association Certificate of Excellence-
CWA ( is an organization of professional writers, editors, publishers and artists worldwide whose subject is cats. Their yearly communications contest honors cat-themed literature, art, humor and other cat-related media, including cartooning. Winners of CWA's top prize, the Muse Medallion, are chosen from among Certificate of Excellence winners in their category, making The Pride Cartoon a finalist for the 2007 Muse Medallion in the cartoon category.  Winners will be announced at an awards banquet in Foster City, CA on November 17th, 2007. Keep your claws crossed for Johnny.  He wants that medallion!

October, 2006
Pride Welcomes New Member, Julie, 4 Year Old Tuxedo Tabby Sweetheart.  Click here to read her story.

Spring, 2006
The Pride Cartoon™ published in New York Tails Magazine!
The pride cats are thrilled to be invited to appear in New York Tails magazine, a Quarterly pet lovers' publication, covering exclusively New York pet and animal topics.  Native New Yorkers one and all, the pride cats are right at home.  The Pride will appear alongside such venerable contributors as Dr. Diane Levitan of Center for Specialized Veterinary Medicine in Long Island, Carole Wilbourn, the Cat Therapist, and Frank Greco, Senior Aquarist at the New York Aquarium.  We thank editor Diane West for giving The Pride Cartoon this wonderful forum.

Anytime, anywhere
The Pride Cartoon™ Available for Cartoon Licensing-
Have a pet or cat-related magazine or news paper?  Or a pet- animal- or cat-related webzine?  Or any old publication for that matter?  (Is it animal-friendly and cruelty free?)  Then license The Pride Cartoon! Choose from any of the strips you see here, or talk to us about our whole catalog of never before published strips that we've been saving for freshness.  But remember, The Pride is a genuine reality cat cartoon - we don't make stuff up.  But, if it happened, there will be a cartoon about it.  We can even make it exclusive to your mag!  Write us at for info.