Our First Installment of:
Julie's Friends

from the October 2010 issue of The Pride Cartoon e-News.... our first ever issue.


This first issue honors our friends, in particular friends made in the course of Julie's summer walks in front of our building. (By "walk" of course I mean those things which are supposed to help her shed pounds, but in truth are long periods of sitting down punctuated by the occasional step to the next shrub.  It's not exactly aerobics.)
Since Ms. Julie's been walking on her harness out front of our building, we have met every sort of person, and had every sort of reaction from gushing admiration to smirking derision.  We've had people squeal and take her photo with their iPhones to send to friends, and people so suspicious of a cat on a leash, they cross the street.  Imagine!
The vast majority of the time, Julie is admired, complimented, wondered over, and leaves people saying, "what a marvelous cat!"  We have made more friends on Julie's walks, and really good people too.  She seems to bring out the best in people - or just bring the best people.  However, another very common (and very tiresome) reaction is, "OMG what a fat cat!"  This is almost as tiresome as (and usually comes from the same people who say) "Me Tarzan!" when they hear my name is Jane.  <sigh>
First of all, Julie is NOT that fat.  Second of all, you don't insult a young lady on her afternoon stroll!  Third of all, it's not my fault.  She came that way!  Anyway, all of this detracts greatly from what we should be concentrating on, which is her worship.
We finally had our fill of the eff word, and considered handing out POO POO POINTS to those impolite enough to use it.  But in the end we decided it's better to reward good behavior than punish bad.  And so we began distributing FAN POINTS to each person who met Julie without saying you know what.  We printed up little business card-sized giveaways with Julie's picture in The Pride's signature colors, and gave them to each person who got through five whole minutes without calling her fat.  10 fan points entitles the recipient to a free subscription to the newsletter, and honorary mention in the first issue... which is this!
So, without further preamble, our first honoree is Jerry from the next building who absolutely gushed over Ms. Julie's beauty (it is magnificent), and told her, "if you were my cat you would be bald because I would never stop kissing you!"  Jerry once had a mother and daughter pair of cats that he absolutely adored.  So great was his love for Sandy and Candy, and so terrible was the grief of losing them when they reached their time at old age, he has been unable to have another cat since.  However, he said Ms. Julie inspired him to think about letting another special fur person into his heart.  We hope you do, Jerry.  Your home will fill with love again on kitty's first day home.
It wouldn't be the first time Ms. Julie inspired an adoption.  Jason, our neighbor and second honoree, adopted two cats a few months after meeting Ms. Julie in the hall.  It was a chilly winter night, too cold to go outside.  But that doesn't stop Julie taking her stroll.  She just moves it into the lobby.  Jason was impressed with Julie's accessibility and casual attitude about meeting strangers.  Jason said he'd been thinking about adopting a cat; meeting Julie made up his mind.  Within a few months he had two cats of his own.  We often see Jason's cats at their window.  They're beautiful, and they have a great home.  We smile knowing Julie helped influence their dad's decision.
Our third honoree is Karen, who saw us all the way from the corner, and came out of her way to meet Julie and tell her she's "delicious".  Karen is a lovely and gentle woman who has given her life and home to rescuing animals.  She has 7 dogs, and 3 cats - all rescues with different stories.  Karen knows you don't call a young lady "fat" on her evening walk, and was amazed to hear that some people are so insensitive.  However, she confessed to also having an equally beautiful "corpulent kitty".  Thanks so much for stopping to talk with us, Karen.  We really enjoyed meeting you.

Our fourth, fifth and sixth honorees for this issue are a beautiful family: Jaimie, Sarah and baby Tammy who were blown off their route  onto our street by the mighty winds of last Wednesday.  They were so delighted by Julie in her harness, and so irresistibly sweet, that even though she wasn't sure she should venture out at all, Julie said, "oh, wind be darned" and left the doorway to meet them.  Uncle Jaimie got down on one knee to pet her and marvel over how serene she is on her harness.  Auntie Sarah said Julie "owns the block", and wanted to hear how Julie learned to walk on a leash (which is in her bio).   Baby Tammy, closest to cat level in her stroller, smiled and cooed and never took her eyes off Ms. Julie.  I heard later that she was "still yowing" an hour after meeting us.  What a great meeting! 

Isn't it wonderful how we can come together over a little round cat?  Thanks so much, all of you, for stopping to talk with us and sharing our walk.  We really enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you again soon.


JULIE'S FRIENDS will be a recurring segment in our newsletter.  Stay tuned, and keep your eyes open for us on nice days in NY.  If we see you on our walks, remember what not to say, and we'll give you 10 fan points!