BIO:  Gramma Dottie

An enigma, wrapped in a riddle inside a mystery in cat woman glasses and a power pants suit... that's my mom, Johnny's Gramma Dottie, the real Mother of The Pride.  A multi-talented woman with skills that ranged from baking to embroidery to money management and second sight, I couldn't say she knew it all or did it all, but she came damn close.  Someday I'll know how she worked a top level security clearance job at AEC AND kept a beautiful home AND hand made all our clothes like Coco Chanel so that we looked like models AND cooked a full home-made meal every night AND smiled too, while somehow always finding time for spending with me.  I think she must have been an alchemist.  Never a kinder or gentler soul, a better mother, sister or friend to a cat in need, I miss her every day.  RIP, Mom.  I promised you I would take care of them.  I'm trying. 

Send money!  -JD