Former Members of Our Feral Family
(in order of most to least recent):

I hate to write sad stories in what is supposed to be a humor website, but these beautiful, unrecognized souls deserve mention:

CINDY, RESCUED - (a very beautiful calico), Ruby's adult daughter, 1st in line to Alpha Catship after Opal's passing.  She has a large black patch over her whole back that looks like a saddle which distinguishes her from her niece, Penny, who has more diffuse calico patches.  TNRed mid-2009, rescued on  Jan 27, 2014.  She now lives with Jack, her nephew, Opal's baby, with my neighbor Christine.  Very long story.  Will write that up soon.  Meantime see here and here for some of the story.

SMUDGE, M.I.A. as of summer 2013  - a dead ringer for Hahn, until you see his very wide nose with the dark smudge on it. We believe he and Hahn were brothers.  We call them The Swirl Twins.

PIGEON, M.I.A. - a creamsicle cat... male, white with ginger tabby patches and hood.  Very vocal, almost friendly.  He does a lot of talking when the food arrives.  I can pet him while he's eating.  He may have been a house cat, as he would very much like to come inside, and will if I accidentally leave the porch door open.  He's a newcomer in the Spring of 2012 and very quickly assimilated with, and moved in to a position of authority in, the colony.  Not yet neutered.  I call him Pigeon because he's always perching on the fence.

PIXIE, M.I.A. -  a very pretty, young and small ginger tabby, female.  A newcomer in the Spring of 2012, appeared about the same time as Pigeon.  Either chose to move on, or came to a bad end. We don't know.

ANTHONY - First seen in the neighboring yard August 23, 2012.  Looks male, is tabby with white feet and bib and has a white dash down the bridge of his nose.

SNAKE, R.I.P. June 2012 - male tabby, no white, with fine stripes and a sour expression.  Charlie's best friend and the only male cat allowed to come on his porch.  It's possible they're brothers from the same litter.  Snake also spent a lot of time in my yard.  I found him deceased in the yard one day from unknown causes.

TOM, M.I.A. - a square-jawed, tabby & white male, possibly one of our babydaddys before his TNR mid-2008.  We thought Tom was MIA, Spring 2010 and listed him on the former members page, but he turned up in early Winter of 2010, looking very healthy and clean.  He's now gone MIA again, Summer 2012 and hasn't been seen since Spring.  He may be staying with a family part time. 

BANGS, M.I.A. since about Spring 2012.  A large, jowely B&W male, with black hair in bangs over his eyes.  Unneutered and uncatchable!  The babydaddy of most of the kittens in our area.

Opal, R.I.P. (a full tortoise with no white - beautiful girl).  Ruby's adult daughter.  Opal came down sick on 10/20/2010 in the midst of the chaotic demolition of the house next door.  We were able to take her, inside her insulated cat shelter, to the vet.  There she had to be PTS, ravaged by, we think, rat poison from the construction site.  Poor Opal.  I'm so sorry for what happened to you.

Garnet, R.I.P. (adorable tortoise shell kitten like her Mom, Opal, but with white feet and a pink "J" over her right eye)Passed 10/24/2010 within a week of her mom, we think from the same poison.  They were always together, and whatever Opal did, her baby Garnet was right with her.  Both were close with Opal's mom, Ruby.  We called the threesome "The Jewel Cats."  We tried to catch her when we saw that she was sick, but she wouldn't let us get anywhere near.  Since the Alpha female cat-ship had passed through this family from Karen to her daughter Scrappy to her daughter Ruby to her daughter Opal, we assumed Garnet would one day be the Alpha female. The post has since reverted to Ruby, and will probably pass next to Cindy, Ruby's adult daughter from her second litter.  Poor Garnet.  I'm so sorry for what happened to you.

Jack A. M.I.A, assumed R.I.P.- b&w male like our Jack, Jack D., with moustacheVery assertive, almost friendly alpha male cat in the making.  The first to come running for breakfast, the first to almost befriend me.... MIA early Oct, 2010.  Assumed RIP, because nothing, including running the hose, would make him miss his breakfast.  Miss you, J.A.  Where R U?

SYLVIA, R.I.P. - a long haired tabby, the original alpha female of Aunt Betty's porch crew, Charlie's first "wife."  They were adorable together, never apart, always touching or kissing, a really sweet couple.  Until she was captured to be TNR-ed and had to be sequestered for 2 weeks due to bad upper respiratory infection.  In her absence a new girl, HalfTail, moved in on Charlie.  When Sylvia came back she was only with us about 2 months when she was hit by a car.  I found her in the parking lot of the nearby diner in Spring of 2010.  RIP, Sylvia.  

"Also"... because he came also.  One of few male cats allowed on Adolfo's porch.  RIP, hit by car, early Spring 2010

ADAM- A very handsome, very clean, very polite white cat with tabby patches.  Male.  Appeared first in Spring of 2010 and was seen only every 3rd day or so.  Between 2011 and 2012 Adam wasn't seen for the longest time until we did a TNR session in March 2012.  I was very surprised to check the traps and find a cat in one of them that looked identical to the cat I called Adam, except he was now an adult tom cat with a huge head and big jowls and looking quite a mess.  The markings were identical but the shape was different.  So I don't know if we got the cat I called Adam, or another cat altogether.  In any event, while recovering from TNR in Ashot's garage, he escaped his cage and now lives in Forest Hills. 

SLUG - Male? Female?  Wierdest markings I've ever seen on a cat.  Beige color with long, brown horizontal streaks, just like a slug.   A real oddball.   Have only seen him or her 3-4 times, and MIA since 2010.

* Grace (placed)- 3rd of 3 calicos from Opal's last litter Aug.2009.  Grace was blinded by infection and taken to foster care with a lovely lady named Janet. Janet adopted her and says Grace is the light of her life.

Chili (MIA, assumed RIP) 2nd of 3 calicos from last litter born to Opal before she was TNRed.

Cowboy a.k.a. The Captain (RIP, hit by car, July of 2008), Female, white with black cow spots, daughter of Scrappy and Cow.  Of our gang, the 3rd alpha female that we observed to take over from her mother.  We first called her Cowboy because she looked like her father Cow, and because she was very assertive, we assumed she was a boy.  One day she pushed herself to the head of the pack, looked me in the eye and said, "I'm the Captain of this group.  You speak to me."  In April 2008, at about 6 months old, she had a baby on my mother's back step.  She didn't know what to do with him, so she left him there.  That's when we knew a)- she was a girl, and b)- it was time to get the TNR* crew in here ASAP.  Cos once you take a baby off their hands, they'll turn you into an orphanage.  Young, impulsive, bossy thing that she was, The Captain was the first one to jump in the trap and go get spayed.  Poor Captain.  She wasn't a free cat one month when we heard she was hit by a car.  Jack, god bless him, looks JUST like her.  High cheek bones, long nose, wide orange eyes, black hair parted on the same side.  ;)  

Cow - (MIA, assumed RIP - no doubt hit by car).  See his story here and here.  RIP, The Boss of Cars.

Scrappy (MIA, assumed RIP): tabby/white female, daughter of Karen, 2nd alpha female we observed to take over from her mother.  Scrappy was the mother of many of the ferals after Karen including Sylvia and Ruby who later became two alpha females on different parts of the same street.  Like Sylvia, she had a bad lung condition.

Karen (MIA, assumed RIP):  the original tabby alpha female, mother of Scrappy who became alpha after her and many litters of ferals for about 5 years.  Karen is also the mother of Poor Lionel, born Sept 2002, whom my mother adopted when he was found wheezing and unable to breathe on the lawn at 2 months old.

Ginny (RIP) & Rodney (MIA, assumed RIP) - brother and sister, kittens of Scrappy.   A beautiful pair, never were a pair of kittens closer.  Ginny was hit by a car and lived for a while with severe nerve damage to her lower spine.  After many failed attempts, and absolutely sick with worry over her, we were able to capture & get her to the vet.  She could not be helped and was humanely PTS.  Her brother Rodney waited at my mother's door and cried for her every day for a month, then was never seen again.  This was such an upsetting story.  Poor Ginny & Rodney.

Aunt Rose (placed):  a beautiful tortoise shell assumed to be Karen's sister, or close relative.  When Karen had Lionel, she would leave him with Aunt Rose any time she wanted to get away.  She and the other ferals would disappear for hours, and this pretty tortoise shell was always babysitting.  She was captured for TNR and kept by the rescuer who fell in love with her.  Congratulations, Aunt Rose.  So happy for you.

Jet (RIP) - an all black female, mother of Patty & Sandra Piranha.  This beautiful girl had feline immunodeficiency virus (cat AIDS) and was very sick at the time she had her two babies on my mother's porch.  She left them for us, and shortly thereafter passed away.  By miracle, Patty and Sandra are healthy. 


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