BIO: Moby & Stevie

I abducted Moby & Stevie’s pregnant mother, Maryann, off the street.  A neighbor who fed her growing family told me how many of Maryann's babies had met terrible fates.  The next time I saw Mary, about to give the world another batch of orphans, I said, “That’s it, lady.  You’re coming with me.”

Moby and Stevie were born three days later, identical twins who could only be distinguished by the white tip on Stevie’s tail, and the white patch on Moby’s left cheek.  Harry didn’t mind; ‘the more the merrier’ was his philosophy.  The King was not amused.  Johnny was completely flummoxed.

The plan was for the visiting family to be adopted to good homes when the kittens were grown.  Stevie had another idea.  At 3 weeks old, he began climbing out of his crib and crossing the entire room (about 3/4 of a mile in kitten distance) to sit on my foot.  Moby, who did whatever Stevie did, followed.  Soon they were in my lap more often than not, and before I knew it I had two new little loves I couldn’t dream of sending away.

When her babies were old enough to do without her, Maryann went to live with my mother.  Lance learned to love the babies, and Johnny tolerated them because they didn’t judge him.  They stick together, and are the most devoted pair of brothers I’ve ever known.

Moby loves junk food, flying toys, and whatever Stevie likes.  He’s kind of the Omega, and the others make him wash their faces. Stevie’s interests are Boar's Head virginia ham, Fig Newtons, maple glazed ham, potato chips, smoked ham and ham.  He’s the big brother and very adult.  DO NOT talk baby talk to him.  He will slap you.

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