BIO: Julie

"How is it possible to be so good?”,  I ask Ms. Julie every day.  For I have never met a sweeter, more agreeable, more intelligent, sensible cat (or person!)

I don’t know where she came from.  I found her outside, clearly lost, and quite upset.  As with every cat I've ever helped, she mysteriously knew I could understand her, and ran to me out of breath saying, “Thank God, there you are!”  She was too friendly to be a feral, too well fed to be homeless... but here she was all the same... out in the cold, cruel world, a poor chicken alone.  Must have been separated from her family.

Together, we walked to every house, and knocked on every door looking for her home.  I could tell from the look on her face it was none of these.  When one neighbor told me she’d been seen around for more than a month, I took her home with me.  She jumped in my car without a moment's hesitation, and when we got in the house, laid on the floor upside down and sighed as if saying, “whew... I made it.”

Julie soon insisted on going for walks in the hall and then the yard of our building which the super has secured as a run for his chihuahuas.  Shortly after that, she wanted to walk in the street.  To that, I said, “Definitely not.”  When she continued to ask, we tried a leash, and, would you believe, she wears it!   Now she walks outside all the time.  No fuss, no muss, just a lovely, happy stroll.  Passersby go nutty for Julie walking on her leash.  And she for them.  We have made more friends.....

Julie has a zipper tail, which so fascinates our Super, he photographed it.  He asked me one day what happens if you pull it.  I said, "a little girl comes out, of course."  Because she is sugar, and spice and everything nice.  Julie smiles all the time, loves everyone, and is a rare gem of pure joy.  We celebrate her anniversary every August 18th, the day I found her.

Yes, we know she’s you-know-what, and there is no shortage of mean people to remind her.  We don’t say "eff ay tee."  She’s Rubenesque, if you please.  Anyway, I didn’t do it.  She came that way.

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