BIO: JANE (the creator of The Pride Cartoon)

Fairy Cat Mother?  Cat Whisperer?  Reincarnated cat?  You tell me.  From the time I could see what that furry, pretty thing was, I’ve been mental for cats.  Apparently, the feeling is mutual.  If there’s a cat in peril within a mile radius (or even just out for a stroll) it will find me.  The cats I’ve rescued span the globe from London to Las Vegas.  And as you can see from these pages, no good deed goes unpunished.

A graphic designer and art director by trade, my company The Mad Hand Arts, Graphics & Design LLC provides top shelf, out-of-the-box design for clients worldwide.  I am also a published author/illustrator with such credits as Emmaline, The Twelve Cats of Christmas, The Cats On My Block by Valerie Sicignano and the Power Kid series of child empowerment books by Obi Nwokolo.

I enjoy DIY, ghost stories, British comedy, and retro fashion.  I don't write these cartoons.  The cats write them.  I just take steno.

Send e-mail for me to jane@thepridecartoon.comDon’t send cats!