BIO: Baby Jack (a.k.a. Judo Jack)

Just when you thought it was safe to open the back door....... JACK was born on my mother’s back step!  His birth mother, The Captain (the very young new leader of the ferals at that time) apparently didn’t know what to do with a baby, so she left him for us.  My mother found him, one hour old, still wet and shivering.  No “rescue” groups would take him, so we were suddenly up to our ears in kitten milk, weeny bottles and piddle pads. 

Because kitten duty is so intense (feedings every 2-3 hours around the clock) my mother and I shared Jack for the 1st month, trading off every few days, or until the one on duty fell over.  When he was super tiny, he lived in a piddle pad in my winter hat, just his black-topped head sticking out.  When he sucked on his bottle, his ears flapped.  It was so cute you could faint.   When he started toddling, I made him a playpen out of a domed sandwich screen.  It was decorated with embroidered bees and flowers.  He would try to catch them, and invariably fall over on his wobbly baby legs.  One day at about 4 weeks old, he put a paw under the rim, overturned the screen and walked off.  That was the end of his babyhood.  It's been Kung Fu and Ram Jam ever since.

Jack loved having 2 homes and 2 sets of friends, and so he continued commuting until he was over a year old.  Also because.... well..... remember Smith in The Matrix?  He multiplies.  He can do Kung Fu in every room while simultaneously head-locking Julie, dive-bombing your ankles and toilet papering the house.  Julie could only take a week or so of that before she begged me to send him back to The Piranha Sisters Sandra made him sit in the linen closet. 

He's kind of big for all that traveling now, and Patty and Sandra have moved in with Aunt Betty who bruises easily.  So Jack stays home.  Julie's complaints about him are a frequent topic on her Twitter.

Jack enjoys rock hard, uncooked pasta straight out of the box, all forms of physical overexertion, and has become a fly catcher extraordinaire.  His fly catching is really quite spectacular.  He can pick a fly out of mid-air with one paw, and swallow it in one smooth motion.  I try not to forget he has fly lips and kiss him.  ICK! 

PS:  He mutters.  Any clue?  Anyone? 

Email for Jack can be sent to -JD