BIO:  The Fairy Cat Mother (Emergency Magic Service for Cats in Trouble)

Contrary to the impression one might take from the number of cats in my life, I've never gone looking for a cat to help.  I don't have to!  ^This one^ sends them by the bucket full!  

I've never seen her, except out of the corner of my eye.  Before the fairy dust settles, she's gone, on her way to the next rescue, having set me up with another cat in need.  She's got me on a short leash, and makes sure I'm at the scene of any cat emergency within 5 miles. She'll change bus routes, break my heels, rupture plumbing pipes, whatever she has to do to get me there.  She knows all my friends, family and neighbors too.  If they are within 5 miles of a cat emergency, they will happen into it and call (not 911, not Animal Cops....) ME.  She's something else.  If she's outsourcing to you too, write me.  I'd love to hear about your experience with her. -JD