BIO: Caroline

Caroline was the love of Johnny’s life..  Until tragedy struck.  Who knew there’s something in calico cat fur that’s deadly for allergic people... put me in the hospital.  It was heartbreak for the whole pride when, after growing up with us, Caroline had to go live with Gramma Dottie, Annie and Scout.  At 6 years old, and completely crazy, Johnny could never adjust to an all new family, so, though we considered moving them together, he stayed with me.

Caroline was the baby of the pride, both at my house and Mom’s, and an angel her whole life.  Until Scout, the Alpha male, passed away.  Mom didn’t plan to adopt again, but almost simultaneously found herself with Poor Lionel, a tiny male kitten from the outdoor colony, who was ill and in desperate need of care.

Caroline, apparently having laid other plans, went whack.  She flat rejected this newcomer and terrorized him at every turn.  The cat psychic said that unbeknownst to us, Scout had bullied Caroline for years, she was fed up, and she had no intention of living with another “stinky male, who will grow up and throw his weight around here.”  Unquote.

Thereafter my mother’s was a house divided.  Upstairs for Caroline, downstairs for Poor Lionel.  There is a fragile peace.  On her own, Caroline is feisty, but dear.  But if she gets loose, get out the riot gear.  She will kill anyone that stands between her and ringing Poor Lionel's neck.

Caroline is a Gemini.  She is strictly a people person.  She enjoys sleeping late, snuggling nose to nose, and her favorite toy, a tattered voodoo doll from New Orleans.

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