AND NOW.... The October 2011 Episode of......


Previously on Real Housecats...

.... two pitbulls ripped each other a new nostril in the Real Housecats' back yard.  The bloody brawl resulted in a lawsuit against Julie's building which ended in a draconian ban on all pets from the yard by the evil co-op board.  Poor Julie, who's most favoritest place in the world is her back yard, was sick with grief.  She tried the park, the front garden, even visiting friends' yards.   It was just no good.

In a stunning legal upset, Julie won her yard privileges back!  On the warpath over the injustice, her mom campaigned for a seat on the co-op's board of directors, and with 4 other candidates from the shareholder body, won 5 of the 7 board seats. Top of the agenda (with restructuring increases that would have raised maintenance an exhorbitant 35%) was restoring yard privileges to the co-op's pets.  Horrah!  Julie has been out enjoying grass salad, the 3PM sun wedge and Brown Dove Theatre every good-weather day this summer.  In the afternoon she has the place pretty much to herself (excepting the odd porter, mover or mosquito which she does not mind so long as they don't call her "eff-ay-tee").  All is again right with her world (except when her "stupid little brother, Jack" is training for his Judo black belt or rehearsing TrueBlood on her neck). 


Will Jack ever stop biting Julie?  Will Mom keep her co-op board seat and continue to fight for the rights of the Real Housecats?  Will those brown doves ever stay still long enough to catch one?!  Stay tuned to The Real Housecats of Queens County!